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We are a multi-site and multi-ethnic church movement established to make champions for Jesus Christ in a culture of love, ministry training and deployment to bring healing to the nations.


We become champions as we worship Jesus Christ our eternal Champion.


We become champions as we run with champions and learn what the eternal Champion says about Himself and our destiny and purpose.


We become champions as we seek to reach undiscovered and fallen champions, and restore them to championship status.


We become champions as we serve on ministry teams to bless our community.




(Our Dream)


Bethesda will be a 20,000+ member multisite, multiethnic, multigeographic Jesus resource center committed to Making, Developing and Deploying Champions for Jesus Christ to meet the holistic needs of people in their societal context.


Bethesda will educate its local communities and world partners through multiple early learning centers, a K-12 private school, a secondary charter school, and an accredited University.


Bethesda will meet the social needs of at-risk and impoverished communities through transitional homes, empowerment centers, work-force vocational training centers, and in-kind donation centers.

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